Coconut Water Benefits to Athletes

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Coconut water benefits

Coconut water has a good amount of electrolyte balance that is identical to the one we have in or body. This is the reason why, in World War II, medics, in order to hydrate the wounded soldiers, used to inject coconut water in their system. Coconut water benefits those who have decreased amount of blood plasma. As it is a natural hydrating fluid, it also helped where there was no water.

People all over the globe have taken this natural drink. People living across Southeast Asia, South Pacific Islands and South America consumed this natural drink. People of all ages, walks and races can take this natural fluid. It is a great drink for days in which your body fluids tend to decrease. We have tried to talk about some of the coconut water benefits prior to delving more into how this fluid is beneficial to the athletes.

Coconut water benefits include but are not limited to these things- it helps to rehydrate one’s body, it helps to retain fluid balance in body, it helps to prevent headaches and any kind of cramps and it helps to cool down body temperature. Moreover, as coconut water contains electrolytes, it helps the athletes by supplying the necessary amount of electrolyte in their body and thus helps the athletes to stay hydrated. It contains necessary nutrients that form the electrolyte mix such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium.

Coconut water contains more potassium than a banana does. A 98.5 ounce of coconut, water contains 2.5 times more potassium than a banana.  This is more than what the sports drinks contain. In fact, coconut water contains fifteen times more potassium than drinks such as Vita Water and Gatorade. Therefore, there should be no confusion regarding the coconut water benefits to athletes. Because of the high level of potassium and other necessary nutrients, it helps our body to re-hydrate. It is necessary for the athletes to protect their body from dehydrating.

The electrolyte mix is necessary for our body as it helps to pass electric signals from our brain to our muscle. Using this, our brain can send signals to our muscles to move. Therefore, coconut water benefits the athletes because it improves their reflexes and it increases their stamina. The sodium that the coconut water contains is low in amount and therefore you do not have to worry about getting heart diseases if you have this in larger quantities. Sodium in fact, helps athletes by balancing the water level in body that the athletes would turn into pee, perspire, sweat or burn with the help of respiratory system.

These are the reasons why you can easily throw away your favorite sports drink and replace it with coconut water. This natural drink is not only beneficial to the athletes but to all people in general because of its beneficial properties. You can buy coconut water in most of the shops because realizing the benefits of this natural fluid, many are manufacturing extracted coconut water in bottles and cans. Otherwise, you can go for extracting coconut water on your own from young green coconuts.