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The Super Food For Super Living “Coconut Water Benefits”

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil, which is derived right from the meat on the inside of a fresh coconut, is known to possess great healing properties within, as well as outside of the body. Many people who have devoted themselves to a healthy lifestyle have to it upon themselves to replace other cooking oils such as, vegetable, canola, and corn oils, with coconut oil to improve their value of life. Coconut oils have been recommended to use when preparing a stir-fry or some of your favorite baked goods. Not only does it taste delicious, but coconut oil is also packed with some life-changing healthy nutrients.

In most recent studies there have been factual cases proven to show that coconut oil, which does contain saturated fat, surprisingly, is very beneficial to maintaining a healthy heart. Years ago, many doctors believed that coconut oil would be harmful to the heart and contribute to high cholesterol and heart disease. But, ever since more and more research has been conducted, coconut oil has been proven to be a good fat. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which promotes good HDL cholesterol throughout the bloodstream, improving cholesterol levels, which in turn, keeps a person’s heart in good shape. Another way that coconut oil can help the heart is by restoring the natural function of the thyroid. When the thyroid gland is off balance and does not operate properly, it can increase extreme levels of bad cholesterol. Making sure that coconut oil is incorporated into the diet can certainly combat this problem.

Another great health benefit of coconut oil is its ability to protect against obesity and promote weight loss. Obesity, which is the excess storage of fat in the body, affects millions and millions of people throughout the world. Many doctors have concluded that an obese person is considered to be at a higher risk of many diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer, if the weight and fat levels are not properly controlled and brought down to a normal level. In a 2009 study that was published in the health journal, Lipids, it was proven that coconut oil decreased the tested subjects’ belly fat over a 12-week period. Therefore, coconut oil has been used to halt unwanted fat when consumed in a proper diet. Coconut oil also improves metabolism, a major factor in determining the normal breakdown of a person’s food, which contributes to how quickly a person can maintain, lose, or gain weight.

The coconut oil super food can be used to battle the signs of aging. When a person thinks about aging, they usually have visions about wrinkling skin and graying, thinning hair. But, one of the most detrimental effects of aging that could impact a person’s life and well-being is being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is a slow deterioration of the brain that usually leads to death for a number of elderly adults. Now, in many studies, scientists are proving that coconut oil can contribute to healthy brain function and could be the next step in treating and, possibly reversing, the brain-altering disease. A brain that is riddled with Alzheimer’s disease does not utilize its glucose to translate to energy in several parts of the brain. But, when coconut oil is administered to patients with mid-level Alzheimer’s disease, its fatty acids increases the blood levels of ketone bodies, which supplies energy to the brain cells, halting some of the disease’s symptoms.
Coconut Oil For Skin
Although coconut oil has proven to regulate the body and improve its functions when taken internally, there are also a vast amount of benefits of the oil when it is externally applied to the body, including the skin and the hair. Coconut oil can function as anything from an eye make-up remover to a stretch mark remedy. It can be used on almost any part of the body. With proper regular use, coconut oil can change a person’s appearance for the better.

Coconut oil is considered one of nature’s greatest moisturizers. This oil helps to treat extreme cases of dry skin, according to many well-known dermatologists. Coconut oil not only relieves dry skin immediately, but it can also help heal skin that has been severely damaged, due to a great lack of moisture. Not only does coconut oil help to soften and treat dry, cracked skin, it can also be used as an all-natural sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important whenever a person participates in any outdoor activities. Therefore, instead spending extra money on various over-the-counter sun-protectants, a person can slather on coconut oil before stepping out into the sun. According to recent studies, coconut oil used as a sunscreen can block out around twenty-percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Coconut oil can also contribute to great hair health as well. Many people use the super food as a conditioner to increase the strength and the ability to manage the hair. Coconut oil contains high levels of Vitamin E, which is known to increase healthy hair and skin. Coconut oil helps to make the hair more shiny while repairing unwanted split ends. And once again, investing in coconut can save time and money, by eliminating the purchase of expensive conditioners that could not provide the lasting results and versatility of coconut oil.

The face and body can obtain and maintain a youthful glow and appearance when coconut oil is applied regularly to the skin. Along with its sweet smell, extra virgin coconut oil is helpful in the increase of hydration levels and the reduction of the loss of water in the skin. A coconut oil-moisturized face and body can aid in adding to the skin’s elasticity, which allows a person to look younger longer. Coconut oil has healing properties and, therefore it is recommended for use directly on the face during regular night time cleanses as a moisturizer. This will certainly improve the face’s appearance and reduce unwanted blemishes, leaving the skin clear and beautiful.

Ways To Use Coconut Oil

There are many ways that coconut oil can contribute to every day life. This super food can be ingested into the system or it can be used topically. Any way that coconut oil can be used to improve the a person’s health and quality of life is an important task and should be followed through with consistency. Some examples of ways to use coconut oil are as follows:

* A natural lip balm* As a massage oil* To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy* To heal cracked skin on feet* Promote hair growth by massaging into scalp* On cuts and scrapes to heal quickly* As a shave cream or shave lotion* On nail cuticles to obtain healthy nails

Healthy Coconut Oil Recipes

The path to choosing a healthy lifestyle is not always easy. Therefore, people have to alternate their normal routine and diet to obtain success in health. Coconut oil is a healthy choice and it is pretty simple when it comes to incorporating it into a new diet plan. There are several different healthy and nutritious recipes that a person can make after switching out vegetable oil for coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Veggie Stir-Fry: Ingredients include a cup of brown rice, 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, frozen green peas, 1 packet of vegetable seasoning mix, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Prepare brown rice and set aside. Add coconut oil to heated skillet and add chopped peppers and frozen peas. Mix in the vegetable seasoning mix and stir until vegetables are tender. Remove from heat and serve over a bed of brown rice.
Lemon-Broiled Salmon Fillet: Ingredients include 2 or 4 medium-sized Alaskan salmon fillets, fresh lemon juice, lemon pepper, and coconut oil. Coat each piece of fish with a small amount of coconut oil on both sides. Season salmon with lemon pepper. After seasoning, squeeze lemon juice on both sides of fish. Wrap each piece of fish into individual foil packets and place in a baking dish in oven on broil. Allow fish to broil for about 20 minutes. Fish should be flaky when complete. Serve as desired.

Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water, just like coconut oil, possesses an array of health benefits that contribute to living a healthy life. Coconut water is the fluid found sloshing around on the inside of a coconut. The majority of coconut water is found in the young, green coconuts. This water contains simple sugar, along with other vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that make it a natural energy drink. Coconut water also contains more potassium than a total of four bananas. According to many nutritionists, the benefits of this refreshing drink are pretty much endless.

                    Coconut water promotes healthy digestion by regulating the components of the digestive system. Drinking coconut water at the start of the day has a very positive effect on the digestive organs. It allows a person’s intake of food to run through the proper channels and encourages normal digestion. For example, if a person suffers from severe diarrhea, coconut water can be administered, due to its amount of electrolytes, in order to replenish the body of loss fluid and important nutrients.

                      Instead of reaching for a Gatorade or Powerade after a strenuous workout session, many people who spend a great amount of time in the gym are beginning to opt for coconut water as a natural energy drink. All-natural coconut water is being sold at many gyms across the US and members are tending to regularly select the water to replenish their system after participating in an extensive workout regimen. The natural electrolytes found in coconut water allows the body proper hydration at an elevated level. Coconut water has much less sugar and large amounts of natural minerals rather than regular sports drinks. Therefore, a person can truly focus on an all-natural method when reaching fitness goals.

Coconut water can also help a person reach their weight loss goals, naturally. Unlike coconut oil, coconut water does not have a high fat content. It is the exact opposite when it comes to that fact. But, coconut water, just like coconut oil, combats nagging weight problems. A person can drink coconut water without the fear of packing on the pounds. This natural water can suppress the appetite and make a person feel full throughout the day. Coconut water also speeds up a person’s metabolic rate and allows him or her to shed weight quickly. Because of the extra hydration properties of coconut water, the body cannot store unwanted fat.

How To Make Coconut Milk ?

Coconut milk is a very delicious and healthier alternative to other processed milks. It is best used when there are no artificial sweeteners added. So, it is best to make coconut milk from scratch in order to ensure that you are getting the most natural form of the nutritious milk.

Coconut milk is made from unsweetened shredded coconut right from the fruit and about 4 cups of water. Water should be heated, not boiled. Add 2 cups of shredded to a blender and add the water. Blend the mixture on the high setting until the consistency is rich and creamy. Pour the mixture through a colander to separate the coconut pieces from the liquid. Continue to strain until all coconut pieces are removed from the liquid. The mixture can either be consumed immediately, but it is best if the coconut milk is used about 3-4 days after being stored in the refrigerator.

The coconut has some excellent elements and qualities that can keep a person’s healthy lifestyle in order. This miracle food can thwart weight problems, keep skin and hair healthy, all while improving brain functionality. The beauty of this all-natural food source is that it can be taken internally as well as applied externally, depending on the benefits that a person is looking to gain. Therefore, a person should not hesitate to make the coconut, in any form, a part of his or her daily life.

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