What is the Health Benefits of Coconut Water?

health benefits of coconut water

health benefits of coconut water

As coconuts are mostly used in desserts, people have the wrong impression that they are bad for health as they contain an unhealthy amount of fat. However, this notion is quite far from the truth. Contrary to popular believe, coconut water, and not coconut milk, is rather good for health. There are many health benefits of coconut water.

Many confuse coconut water with coconut milk. Coconut milk is produced from coconut meat whereas coconut water forms coconut meat when coconuts mature. Coconut water are found in green coconuts. One of the best health benefits of coconut water is that regardless of what people think, it actually does not make one fat.

Coconut water contains more potassium than a single banana does. As potassium is one of the electrolyte mix element, it helps to keep one hydrated and well balanced. This is why, having coconut water and getting rid of your favorite sports drink can actually benefit you more. It helps to restore the natural chemical balance of your body and heals you. As this drink is inexpensive than other drinks and is easily available, the health benefits of coconut knows no bounds.

The nutrients found in coconut water helps to improve one’s immune system, digestive system, intestinal health and metabolism among all the other things. This drink also restores the PH balance of one’s body by introducing parts that are more alkaline and detoxifying the acidic parts. Its detoxifying agents help to keep your body fit by fighting of bacteria and viruses. However, the sad part is that many are still unaware of the health benefits of coconut water and therefore this fruit and this drink is unpopular.

Coconut water energizes one’s body and thus helps to decrease fatigue. It is also good for people who have diabetes as it helps to keep diabetes in control. Moreover, it also helps by decreasing the risk of developing diabetes. This is why, it would not be wrong to name coconut as natural elixir that comes second to only water.

Now that you have learned of the health benefits of coconut water, you might be wondering about how you can have this drink. Well, it is rather easy to get your hands on coconut water. Because of the health benefits of coconut water, many organizations now offer bottled and canned coconut water. If you do not want to have them then you can go for taking the water out of coconut by yourself. For this, you need to buy young coconuts first. Then, you need use a clean screw driver and a hammer to create a hole on the top of the coconut. You can then insert a straw and have the water. Alternatively, you can put a glass on top of the hole, and then tilt the coconut so that you can extract the water.

However, make sure to check the health of the coconut from which you are going to extract water. If you find that the coconut is pink in color, cracked, soft or broken then you should refrain from extracting water from that particular coconut.